Dreams Fleetwood Mac Beginner Guitar Tutorial – Easy Lesson with Chords, Strumming, and Finger Picking


Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” is a timeless classic that has captivated music lovers for generations. With its iconic melody and poignant lyrics, it’s no wonder that many aspiring guitarists want to learn how to play this beautiful song. If you’re a beginner guitarist eager to pick up your instrument and start playing, you’re in the right place! In this beginner-friendly guitar tutorial, we’ll break down “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac, covering chords, strumming, and fingerpicking techniques to help you master this iconic track.

Chords You’ll Need

8 Important Guitar Chord

Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s go over the chords you’ll need to play “Dreams.” Thankfully, this song consists of basic open chords that are perfect for beginners:

  1. G Major (G)
  2. Em7
  3. C Major (C)
  4. D Major (D)

These chords are the building blocks of countless songs, and mastering them will serve you well on your guitar journey.

Strumming Pattern

For the strumming pattern in “Dreams,” we’ll keep it simple to suit beginners. You can use a down-strumming pattern like this:

D – D – D – D – D – D – D – D

Remember to keep the strumming relaxed and in time with the song. Listen to the original track to get a feel for the rhythm.

Verse and Chorus Progression

Now, let’s apply the chords and strumming pattern to the verse and chorus of “Dreams.” The chord progression for both sections is the same:


Play this progression twice for the verse and twice for the chorus. Keep the strumming pattern consistent throughout these sections.

Bridge and Finger Picking

To add some variation to your rendition of “Dreams,” you can incorporate fingerpicking during the bridge. The fingerpicking pattern is relatively simple and goes like this:

  • Use your thumb (T), index finger (I), middle finger (M), and ring finger (R) for picking.
  • Assign the fingers to the strings as follows:
    • T (thumb) – 6th (low E) string
    • I (index) – 3rd (G) string
    • M (middle) – 2nd (B) string
    • R (ring) – 1st (high E) string

For the bridge section, you can use the following chord progression:


During this part, you’ll apply the fingerpicking pattern to each chord in the progression, plucking the strings simultaneously. This technique adds a beautiful dynamic to the song.


With these chords, strumming patterns, and fingerpicking techniques, you’re well on your way to mastering Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” on the guitar. Remember, practice makes perfect, so take your time to get comfortable with each element of the song. Don’t forget to listen to the original track for inspiration and to keep your timing in check.

As a beginner, it’s essential to enjoy the process of learning and playing. Music is a wonderful journey, and “Dreams” is a fantastic song to start with. Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be strumming and fingerpicking your way through this classic hit with confidence. Happy playing!

Can I learn guitar in 10 days?

Learning guitar in 10 days to a level of proficiency typically isn’t realistic. While you can certainly make some progress in that time, becoming proficient at playing the guitar usually takes months or even years of practice and dedication. It’s essential to set realistic expectations and be patient with your learning process. Guitar playing is a skill that improves over time with consistent practice and effort.

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