Unveiling the Beauty of F# Major in DADGAD Tuning: A Comprehensive Chord Chart Guide for Guitarists


Embarking on a musical journey often involves exploring different tunings that can breathe new life into your playing. One such tuning that has gained popularity among guitarists is the DADGAD tuning. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the enchanting world of F# Major within the DADGAD tuning, providing you with a chord chart and insights to help you unlock the full potential of this captivating combination.

The Magic of F# Major in DADGAD:

  • Open Chords Galore: Unlike standard tuning, where F# major requires barring or awkward finger stretches, DADGAD offers a wealth of open voicings. From the simple two-finger barre to the majestic open F#maj7 with its added B note, you can create rich textures without breaking a sweat.
  • Droning Resonance: The open D and A strings act as natural drones, adding a hypnotic depth to your chords. This droning quality is a hallmark of Celtic music, and it infuses your playing with an otherworldly aura.
  • Melodic Freedom: With open strings as launchpads, you can explore the F# major scale with newfound freedom. Lush arpeggios, soaring pentatonic runs, and unexpected double-stops become effortless, infusing your solos with a touch of the mystical.

Beyond the Open Chords:

While open voicings are the stars of the show, DADGAD’s F# major universe extends far beyond. Experiment with:

  • Drop D Tuning: Capo the 3rd fret and you’re in drop D with a twist – the open A string becomes a C#, adding a whole new dimension to your chords and scales.
  • Partial Capos: Place the capo on specific strings to create hybrid tunings and unlock even more voicings.
  • Explore the Neck: DADGAD opens up the upper frets for extended chords and exotic scales. Let your fingers dance across the fingerboard and discover hidden sonic landscapes.

Celtic Connections:

F# major in DADGAD tuning is deeply intertwined with Celtic music. From the haunting melodies of Irish jigs to the soaring choruses of Scottish folk songs, this key is a cornerstone of the Celtic sound.

So, pick up your guitar, tune to DADGAD, and embrace the F# major journey. You might just find yourself transported to rolling hills, ancient castles, and the company of musical kindred spirits.

Understanding DADGAD Tuning:

DADGAD tuning is known for its rich, open sound that allows guitarists to experiment with unique chord voicings and melodic possibilities. In this tuning, the strings are tuned to D-A-D-G-A-D from low to high, presenting a canvas for a wide range of tonal colors. F# Major, when played in DADGAD, takes on a distinctive character that captivates both players and listeners alike.

Chord Chart for F# Major in DADGAD:

F# Major Guitar DADGAD Tuning

Here’s a chord chart to guide you through the F# Major chords in DADGAD tuning:

  1. F# Major (F#maj):

e|---0--- B|---4--- G|---2--- D|---4--- A|---4--- D|---4---

  1. B Minor (Bmin):

e|---0--- B|---3--- G|---2--- D|---4--- A|---2--- D|---x---

  1. C# Minor (C#min):

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e|---0--- B|---4--- G|---6--- D|---6--- A|---4--- D|---x---

  1. D# Minor (D#min):

e|---0--- B|---7--- G|---6--- D|---6--- A|---4--- D|---x---

  1. G# Major (G#maj):

e|---0--- B|---4--- G|---2--- D|---4--- A|---6--- D|---x---

Exploring F# Major Progressions:

Now that you have the chord chart at your fingertips, it’s time to explore some F# Major progressions in DADGAD. Experiment with these chords to create your own unique soundscapes:

  1. F#maj – Bmin – G#maj
  2. C#min – G#maj – D#min
  3. Bmin – F#maj – C#min
  4. D#min – G#maj – Bmin

Feel free to mix and match these chords, experiment with fingerpicking patterns, and let your creativity run wild. The beauty of DADGAD tuning lies in its ability to inspire spontaneous musical expressions.


Unlocking the mesmerizing world of F# Major in DADGAD tuning opens up a realm of possibilities for guitarists seeking fresh and evocative sounds. Use the provided chord chart as a foundation, but don’t be afraid to venture into uncharted territories by creating your own chord progressions and melodies. Embrace the journey, and let the enchanting resonance of F# Major in DADGAD tuning guide you to new musical horizons. Happy playing!

Bonus Tips:

  • Listen to Celtic music – immerse yourself in the sounds that inspired this tuning.
  • Learn some DADGAD-specific chord voicings – there are plenty of online resources.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment – DADGAD rewards a curious spirit.

With a little exploration, you’ll unlock the magic of F# major in DADGAD tuning and discover a whole new dimension of your guitar playing. So, go forth, explore, and let the music speak!

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