Shivers Down Your Spine: Playing Ed Sheeran’s “Shivers” on Piano

Feel the emotions flow through your fingertips as you learn to play Ed Sheeran’s beautiful ballad, “Shivers,” on piano. This song, with its simple yet powerful melody, is perfect for pianists of all levels.

Unraveling the Chords:

“Shivers” relies on a core set of chords that create a melancholic yet hopeful atmosphere. Here’s the list you’ll need to master:

  • Bm (B minor)
  • D (D major)
  • F#m (F sharp minor)
  • A (A major)
  • C#m (C sharp minor)
  • E (E major)

Let’s Break it Down:

The song is structured in verses and choruses, with a bridge thrown in for a change of pace. We’ll explore each section piece by piece.

Verse 1:

The verse starts with a simple Bm and D chord progression. The right hand plays a melody that complements the chords.


The chorus introduces F#m and A chords, adding a touch of bittersweetness. The right hand continues with its emotional melody.

Verse 2:

This verse follows the same Bm and D pattern as the first verse.


The chorus repeats, solidifying the emotional core of the song.


The bridge takes a turn with C#m and E chords, offering a brief moment of reflection before returning to the familiar Bm and D.

Chorus (Final):

The final chorus brings back the F#m and A chords, leaving a lasting impression.

Playing Tips:

  • Pay attention to the dynamics. “Shivers” is a ballad, so focus on softer playing with gentle touches.
  • The right-hand melody is key. Practice it slowly to capture its emotional essence.
  • Try incorporating some basic piano techniques like syncopation and pedal use to add depth to your performance.

Learning Resources:

Need a visual guide? Here are some helpful resources to get you started:

  • Ed Sheeran – Shivers (Piano Tutorial Lesson): [YouTube video]
  • Shivers (Ed Sheeran) Piano Cover Lesson in Am with Chords/Lyrics: [YouTube video]

Embrace the Shivers:

With dedication and practice, you’ll be playing “Shivers” and sending shivers down the spines of your listeners in no time. Remember, have fun with the process, and let the music flow through you!

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