Selena Gomez’s “Love On” Guitar Chords

Calling all Selenators and aspiring guitarists! Are you ready to channel your inner rockstar and crank out the electrifying energy of Selena Gomez’s hit song “Love On”? Well, grab your axe because we’re diving into the chords that will have you grooving along in no time.

Gear Up for Groovy Goodness

Before we delve into the chords, let’s get acquainted with the basic structure of the song. “Love On” features a captivating verse-pre-chorus-chorus format that repeats throughout. The good news is, the song sticks to a fairly simple chord progression, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike.

Chords on Fire: Let’s Break it Down

Here’s a rundown of the chords you’ll need to master to play “Love On”:

  • Dm (D minor): This chord forms the backbone of the song, appearing frequently throughout the verses and choruses.
  • G (G major): This bright and uplifting chord provides a nice contrast to the Dm and adds a touch of sweetness to the melody.
  • Em (E minor): This chord makes a brief appearance in the outro, adding a touch of emotional depth to the song’s conclusion.

Strumming with Style

While the chords are straightforward, there’s room to add your own personal flair with strumming patterns. The song utilizes a basic down-strum pattern for the verses, while the chorus often employs a more energetic down-up-down-down strumming pattern. Feel free to experiment and find what feels most comfortable for you!

Learning Resources: Make it Easy on Yourself

If you’re a visual learner or prefer a more guided approach, you’re in luck! There are a wealth of online resources available to help you master “Love On” on guitar. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Search for “[YouTube] Selena Gomez – Love On Guitar Tutorial” for a video demonstration with clear visuals and explanations.
  • often provide chord charts and strumming patterns for popular songs.

Rock On, Selenators!

With a little practice and these handy chord breakdowns, you’ll be rocking out to “Love On” like a pro in no time. So grab your guitar, turn up the volume, and let Selena Gomez’s infectious energy take over! Now get out there and show the world your musical talents!

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